EZ Worksheet Referral Program

Refer a friend and get a $150 referral fee after your friend subscribe EZ Worksheet.

You friend will have 60 free period.

​Add wechat jun996343 for more information.

​Referral Program Terms & Conditions

  1. Refer EZ Worksheet to a new user for a $150 referral fee, the referral fee will be paid in a gift card.(If the new user has multiple shops, the referral fee is $150 times the number of shops).

  2. ​The referral fee will be paid 2 months after the new customer has subscribed.

  3. ​Customers from the referral program are entitled for extra 30-day free period (plus the normal 30 days, a total of 60 days free period).

  4. A new user is a company/shop that has never subscribed EZ Worksheet before. If the customer has previously subscribed, resubscribing after aborting the subscription. It will not be counted as a new customer.

  5. Referral program is available till 03/06/2019.